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Scenario for Managing Signature Capture

This topic gives one example of how signature capture control might be used. You might use signature capture control differently, depending on your business model.

A sales manager decides to require electronic signatures from customers for new orders. The sales manager requests the Siebel administrator to implement this new functionality.

The Siebel administrator begins to plan to implement the new functionality, and considers the following:

  • All usage scenarios and business processes where signature capture is required
  • Any legal and privacy issues that arise from capturing the signatures of users
  • Any issues that arise from the storage of signature data, and the security and encryption of the signature data

The Siebel administrator contacts the Siebel application representative to make the appropriate license arrangements to use Siebel Signature Capture control. The Siebel administrator also makes sure that the appropriate hardware to capture signatures is available, for example, touch screens.

The Siebel administrator decides to create applets that can save and display signatures, and to implement a function that allows users to clear a signature from the signature capture control. The Siebel administrator then develops the applets and integrates them with views in the Siebel application. The customers for the business can now use touch screens to sign for an order when they make the order.

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