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About Global Target List Management

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Global Target List Management Is for Siebel Industry Applications Only

The Global Target List Management applies only to Siebel Industry Applications, such as Siebel Life Sciences and Siebel Financial Services. Global Target List Management does not apply to non-Siebel Industry Applications, such as Siebel Sales or Siebel Call Center.

What Is Global Target List Management?

Global Target List Management is used to create reusable lists of party entities (accounts, contacts, employees, positions, and prospects) from many different views in the Siebel application. These lists can be applied in various views and can be used to create activities.

Target lists differ from PDQs (saved queries) in that target lists are static; the saved list contains a specific set of records. The records returned by a PDQ can vary over time as edits are made to the Siebel database.

Global Target List Management builds on the general List Management features that are available for both Siebel Industry Applications and non-Siebel Industry Applications.

Tasks you can perform with Global Target List Management that you cannot perform with general List Management are:

  • Create lists in many views (not just in the List Management view).
  • Apply lists in many views.
  • Create lists of accounts and positions.
  • Generate activities for records in a list.

What Kind of Lists Can Be Created?

In the preconfigured Siebel application, you can create and apply target lists for contacts, accounts, positions, and employees.

However, the Siebel application can be configured for lists of prospects.

Where to Find More Information

You can find more information about the following functionality:

  • General List Management functionality, including field descriptions and instructions for importing and exporting lists. For more information, see Siebel Marketing User Guide.
  • Call List functionality, which is unique to Financial Services. For more information, see Siebel Finance Guide.
  • Professional and account targeting, which is unique to Siebel Pharma. For more information, see Siebel Life Sciences Guide.
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