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Seed Data for Excel and Word Web Services

Siebel Business Applications include seed data for the Excel and Word Web services. The seed data includes the following items:

  • Template files for the services.
  • SAF files. These files are generated when you add templates as literature items. These files must be present to enable users to open the templates from the Literature view.

To enable users to open Web services templates from the Literature view

  • Copy the *.SAF files from $SIEBEL_ROOT/temp/SFA into the $FILESYSTEM directory.

Downloading the Excel or Word Template

Complete the following procedure to download the Excel or Word template.

To download the Excel or Word template

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Document screen, then the Literature view.
  2. In the Literature list, select the Excel or Word template.
  3. Drill down on the File Name field of the template, then save the file to your computer.
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