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Exporting and Importing Assignment-Related Data

The Siebel Business Applications user interface provides the ability for a qualified user to export assignment-related data into a spreadsheet file. After modifying the spreadsheet file, this user can then import the data from the file back into the same environment in order to modify the assignment data in the database.

Before exporting, the user can query for the specific data of interest to be exported.

You can export and import:

  • Positions and associated skills and skill items. (Data can be exported from two different views.)
  • An assignment rule and associated criteria and criteria items.
  • An assignment rule and associated position candidates.

Data you export is saved in a comma-separated values file (CSV file), which you can access from the Administration - Assignment screen, Transaction Logs view. You can open, modify, and save the file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. Later, you can import a modified copy of the file in order to update existing assignment-related data or add new data. (Data changes are subject to limitations described in this Limitations for Importing Assignment-Related Data).

TIP:  It is recommended to experiment with exporting and importing small amounts of test data before attempting to use this functionality as part of your actual business activities.

Information associated with the export and import operations described here can be reviewed in the Administration - Assignment screen, Transaction Logs view. The file you exported or imported is available here as an attachment to the log record corresponding to the operation you performed. For more information, see Transaction Log Data for Export and Import Operations.

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