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Using Queries for Marketing Campaigns (Dealer)

Dealers use queries so they can target marketing campaigns properly. Dealers can query Contacts, Contact Vehicles, Service History Contact, Sales History Contact, Opportunity Primary Contacts. For example, dealers can use these queries to search for prospective customers who expressed interest in a specific model, who requested follow-ups, or whose leases are about to expire, in order to target marketing campaigns at these specific groups.

You enter criteria to identify these prospective customers. The examples mentioned previously all include just one criteria, but you can also enter multiple criteria. If you enter multiple criteria, you must specify whether the query will include contacts if they match all the criteria, or if they match one or more of the criteria.

For example, if you want to target customers who expressed an interest in a specific model and who requested follow-ups, you can create a query with these two criteria. In this case, the query can include the customer only if both criteria are satisfied.

The high-level steps for defining and using a query are:

  • Enter general information about the query in the Query list,
  • Enter one or more criteria for the query in the Criteria list.
  • Click Run Query. All the contacts who match the query are displayed in the Target list.
  • Click Add to Campaign. All the contacts in the Target list are moved to the Campaign Contacts view, so they can be used in the campaign.

NOTE:  Before you can add a query result to a campaign, the campaign must have a status of In Planning.

To define and use a query for a marketing campaign

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Administration screen.
  2. In the Campaigns list, click the name of the campaign you want to define a query for.
  3. Click the Define Query view tab.
  4. In the Show drop-down list, choose the entity that you want to query.

    Options are Contact, Opportunity, Sales History, Service History, Vehicle.

  5. Add a new record to the Define Query list, and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the following table.


    If you are using multiple criteria, select Match ALL Criteria (AND) if you want the query to find only records where all criteria match, or select Match ANY Criteria (OR) if you want the query to find records where at least one criteria matches. If you are using a single criteria, this field is meaningless, and you can leave the default Match ALL Criteria (AND).

    Query Expression

    Displays the expression that you build using the Query Criteria list.

  6. Add one or more new records to the Criteria list, and complete the necessary fields, described in the following table.


    Select a field of the Contact record.


    Select an operator. The values that are available depend on what you selected in Field.


    Enter a value to be compared with the content of the field. The field becomes read-only if you selected Is Empty or Is Not Empty in the Criteria field, because you do not enter a value in this field for those criteria.

    Enclose text or date values in single or double quotation marks. Numeric values do not need quotation marks.

    You can enter simple expressions, such as:

    • 'John' OR 'Mary'
    • Today() + 2
  7. Click Run Query.

    Records that match the criteria appear in the Target List.

  8. Optionally, to save this list, click Save List.

    You are prompted you to enter a name and description for the list. The saved list will appear in the Lists view of the Campaign Administration screen.

  9. To add this list to the campaign, click Add to Campaign.
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