Siebel Dealer Administration Guide

What's New in This Release

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Overview of Siebel Dealer

About Siebel Dealer

Differences Between Siebel Dealer and Siebel Partner Relationship Management

Siebel Dealer Partner Portal Screens

Siebel Partner Manager and Siebel Automotive Screens

Activating Workflows for Siebel Dealer

Changing Types of Activities Displayed in the Dealer Dashboard

Adding New Dealers

Roadmap for Adding a New Dealer

Setting Up the Team Calendar

About Sharing Data with Dealers

Assigning Vehicles to a Dealer

Configuring Vehicles and Options

Assigning Sales History to a Dealer

Assigning Service History to a Dealer

Viewing Dealer Operations

Sales, Service, and Marketing with Siebel Dealer

About Managing Your Dealers

Entering Opportunities to Sell to Dealers

Viewing a Dealer's Service Requests

Entering the Makes a Dealer Sells

Displaying a Dealer's Business Hours

Added Functionality for Dealers

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Managing Sales (Dealer)

About Siebel Dealer Dashboard

Using Siebel Dealer Dashboards (Dealer)

Entering Dealer Preferences (Dealer)

Process of Creating the Yearly Forecast (Dealer)

Creating the Framework for Monthly and Yearly Forecasts (Dealer)

Creating the Sales Manager's Yearly Forecast (Dealer)

Creating the Store Yearly Forecast (Dealer)

Viewing the Store Yearly Forecast (Dealer)

Process of Creating the Monthly Forecast (Dealer)

Creating the Framework for Yearly and Monthly Forecasts (Dealer)

Creating Sales Consultants' Monthly Forecasts (Dealer)

Creating Sales Managers' Monthly Forecasts (Dealer)

Creating the Store Monthly Forecast (Dealer)

Viewing the Monthly Forecast (Dealer)

Process of Creating and Using Sales Steps (Dealer)

Creating Sales Steps (Dealer)

Creating Sales Step Goals (Dealer)

Viewing Daily Sales Step Goals (Dealer)

Using Sales Steps (Dealer)

Tracking Sales Steps (Dealer)

Process of Using the Showroom Log (Dealer)

Entering Information About a New Customer in the Showroom Log (Dealer)

Working with a New Customer (Dealer)

Entering Opportunities (Dealer)

Assigning Unassigned Opportunities (Dealer)

Entering Vehicles Presented (Dealer)

Viewing Others Who Have Accessed a Contact (Dealer)

Reassigning Contacts and Opportunities (Dealer)

Process of Printing Forms for Vehicle Sales (Dealer)

Creating Forms (Dealer)

Printing Forms (Dealer)

Generating Follow-Up Communications (Dealer)

Marking Opportunities as Closed (Dealer)

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Managing Marketing Campaigns (Dealer)

Marketing Features of Siebel Dealer

Scenarios for Using Siebel Dealer for Marketing

Using Queries for Marketing Campaigns (Dealer)

Refreshing Queries for Marketing Campaigns (Dealer)

Merging Lists for Marketing Campaigns (Dealer)

Adding Labor Operation Codes to Marketing Campaigns (Dealer)

Associating Campaigns with Vehicles (Dealer)

Creating a Recall Campaign (Dealer)

Executing Marketing Campaign Offers (Dealer)

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Managing Captive Finance and End of Lease (Dealer)

About Using Siebel Dealer for Captive Finance and End of Lease

Using Siebel Dealer for Credit Origination

Associating Vehicles with Loan Applications

About Using Siebel Dealer for End-of-Lease Activities

Entering Inspection Information

Viewing Turn-In Appointments

Entering Returned Vehicles

Purchasing or Declining Returned Vehicles

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Managing Business Rules for Dealers

About Business Rules for Dealers

Process of Creating Business Rule Templates for Dealers

Creating New Actions for Dealer Business Rules

Adding Dealer Business Rule Templates

Adding Criteria for Dealer Business Rules

Adding Actions for Dealer Business Rules

Publishing Dealer Business Rules

Creating Business Rules That Apply to All Dealers

Setting the Time When Dealer Business Rules Execute

Viewing, Deactivating, and Reactivating Subscriptions to Dealer Business Rules

Viewing Executions of Dealer Business Rules

Subscribing to Dealer Business Rules (Dealer)

Changing the Parameters of Dealer Business Rules (Dealer)

Activating Dealer Business Rules (Dealer)

Viewing Executions of Dealer Business Rules (Dealer)

Configuration for Dealer Business Rules

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Managing Warranty Claims

About Warranty Claims Management

Overview of Warranty Claims Management

About Prewarranty Authorizations

About Work Orders

About Warranty Claims

About Warranty Claim Repair Lines

About Validation Rules Processing and Exclusions

About Recalls

About Exclusions

Scenario for Processing a Warranty Claim

Roadmap for Creating and Managing Warranty Claims

Verifying Warranty Entitlement and Coverage

Process of Creating a Prewarranty Authorization

Creating a Prewarranty Authorization

Entering PWA Line Items

Submitting a Prewarranty Authorization for Approval

Process of Creating a Work Order

Creating a Work Order

Entering Work Order Line Items

Process of Creating a Warranty Claim

Creating a Warranty Claim

Entering Warranty Claim Repair Line Items

Submitting a Warranty Claim for Approval

Roadmap for Creating a Work Order from a PWA

Creating a PWA and Warranty Claim from a Work Order

Creating a Warranty Claim from a Work Order (without a PWA)

Updating a Warranty Claim

About Supplier Recovery Claims

Process of Reviewing and Submitting Decisions for Supplier Recovery Claims

Finding Supplier Recovery Claims That Require Decisions

Approving Supplier Recovery Claim Line Items

Rejecting Supplier Recovery Claim Line Items

Submitting Decisions for Supplier Recovery Claims

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