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Marketing Features of Siebel Dealer

Siebel Dealer allows the OEM to collaborate with dealers on marketing. For more information, see Sales, Service, and Marketing with Siebel Dealer.

Because dealers are generally the one direct point of contact with the customers of auto manufacturers, they need more marketing capabilities than most partners do. They need the ability to run marketing campaigns themselves, and they need greater visibility into marketing campaigns that the OEM runs.

To give dealers these capabilities, Siebel Dealer makes the Campaign Administration screen available and some views of the Offers screen. Dealers can use these screens in many of the same ways that they are used in Siebel employee applications. For more information about using these screens in collaborative marketing campaigns, see Siebel Marketing Administration Guide and Siebel Marketing User Guide.

Dealers do not base their marketing campaigns on the sophisticated segmentation that is used with Siebel Marketing. Instead, Siebel Dealer gives them simple methods to:

  • Perform queries on entities such as contacts, vehicles, opportunities, sales history, and service history to produce lists of contacts and associated vehicles.
  • Merge these lists to create a new list based on intersection, union, or subtraction of the merged lists.
  • Associate the lists with a campaign.
  • Associate an offer - email, web, or direct mail - with a campaign.
  • Run the campaign to send the appropriate personalized offer to the targeted customers.

Using Siebel Dealer, you execute campaigns slightly differently than in other Siebel Business Applications. For more information, see Executing Marketing Campaign Offers (Dealer).

Siebel Dealer also adds many features to the Campaign Administration screen that are specific to the automotive industry and are not included in other Siebel Business Applications. There are added fields in the following views of the Campaign Administration screen:

  • More Info. The Category field is added to this view, which is used to distinguish between sales, service, and parts campaigns. This field is a picklist with three options, Sales, Service, and Parts.
  • Define Query. Siebel Dealer includes a Define Query view in the Campaign Administration screen. For more information, see Using Queries for Marketing Campaigns (Dealer).
  • Lists. This view allows dealers to merge lists, and the rows include two new fields to support the merge. For more information, see Merging Lists for Marketing Campaigns (Dealer). In addition, this view has added applets: the List of Contacts list displays the contact information for the selected record in the Lists list, and the Vehicles list displays the vehicles for the selected contact.
  • Contacts/Prospects. This view has an added Create Service Request button, which allows dealers to create a service request for the selected contact or prospect. It also includes an added Vehicle list, which displays the vehicles of the selected contact or prospect.
  • Offers. This view allows the dealer to add Word document templates with merge fields for personalization as direct mail offers.
  • Team. This view allows the dealer to create activities for employees executing direct mail or phone offers. The dealer clicks the Create Activity button to create the activities.
  • Labor Operations Code. Siebel Dealer includes a new Labor Operations Code view in the Campaign Administration screen. For more information, see Adding Labor Operation Codes to Marketing Campaigns (Dealer).

In addition to these modifications in the Campaign Administration, Siebel Dealer adds or modifies the following screens used in marketing campaigns.

  • Query Administration screen. This added screen allows the dealer to manage queries by creating, editing and deleting queries. The user cannot run queries from this screen.
  • List Management screen. Only lists for the dealer's organization are displayed. This screen includes only the following views:
    • Lists View
    • Campaigns View
  • Offers screen. This screen includes only the following views:
    • All Offers View
    • All Offers Products View
    • Direct Mail Offer View
    • Direct Mail Offer Literature View
    • Email Offer View
    • Email Offer Templates List View
    • Email Offer Detail View
    • Email Profile Parameter View
    • Email Offer Attachments View
    • Related Web Offers View
    • Related Web Surveys View for Email
    • Email Offer Related URLs View
    • Phone Offer Detail View
    • Phone Offer Literature View
    • Phone Offer Call Guide View
    • Web Offer View
    • Web Offer Detail View
    • Related Web Surveys View
    • Web Offer Related URLs View
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