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Using Siebel Dealer Dashboards (Dealer)

This topic describes how to use Siebel Dealer dashboards.

To use Dealer dashboards

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard screen.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select:
    • Sales Consultant Dashboard
    • Sales Manager Dashboard
    • Service Employee Dashboard
    • Service Manager Dashboard
    • Store Dashboard

      NOTE:  Employees can only select the view that is appropriate to them. For example, a sales consultant does not have the sales manager view available.

      The dashboards display the most important information needed by these employees, in summary form.

  3. Sales managers can refresh the data in the dashboard by clicking Refresh. Sales consultants' data is refreshed periodically, based on the refresh interval set in Dealer Preference view, as described in Entering Dealer Preferences (Dealer).

    The Update field in the Unit Sales and Activities applets shows the last time that the data was refreshed.

  4. To view more complete information, click the heading above any of the applets in the dashboard.

    The appropriate screen appears, with more complete information.

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