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Overview of Configuration for Briefings External Data Integration

This section describes some issues you should consider before you begin configuration, and provides an overview of common configuration scenarios. It includes the following topics:

To integrate external content into the Siebel Briefings application, you must configure applets and business components so that they can accommodate external content using Siebel Tools and define the content agent using the Administration - Integration screen views in Briefings.

There are four primary configuration tasks:

Generally, copying existing objects in Siebel Tools and modifying them to suit your purposes is preferable to creating new objects. Copying and modifying existing objects allows you to use as much preconfigured functionality as possible. Figure 7 illustrates the process of integrating external content.

Figure 7. Content Integration Process

Before You Begin Configuration

Before you begin configuration tasks, verify the following requirements:

  • Your external content provider must have an HTTP/HTML interface.
  • You need to know the search terms and any other parameters to pass to the content source to retrieve data. For example, does your content source index company information by D-U-N-S Number, stock ticker symbol, or company name?
  • You must define the data you want to display and where you want it to appear. For example, do you want to display headlines on the user's My Briefings page, or do you want to display headlines and abstracts of articles on the Account Briefing?
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