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Removing Temporary Data After a Task UI Finishes

Siebel CRM stores temporary data for a task instance in the S_TU_LOG table. The user finishes a task instance, and then the Siebel Object Manager clears the temporary data. This behavior varies depending on the following data source where the user connects:

  • Server. For performance reasons, a batch process runs every five minutes that deletes used records from the S_TU_LOG table.
  • Local. Deletes rows from the S_TU_LOG table as soon as the user finishes the task instance.
  • Sample. Never deletes rows from the S_TU_LOG table.

You can run the Task Log Cleanup Service business service to manually delete temporary data that Siebel CRM stores for a finished task instance. This service allows you to specify when Siebel CRM deletes temporary data rather than performing the delete at a predefined interval.

For more information, see Transparent Storage.

To remove temporary data after a task UI finishes

  1. Add a business service step to your task UI immediately after a commit step. Use values from the following table.

    Business Service Name

    Task Log Cleanup Service

    Business Service Method


  2. Optional. Define the Task Id input argument for the business service that you added in Step 1.

    Siebel CRM does the following:

    • If you specify a value for the Task Id input argument, then Siebel CRM deletes only temporary data for the task UI that the Task Id identifies.
    • If you do not specify a value, then Siebel CRM deletes all expired rows from the S_TU_LOG table.
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