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Siebel Chat Users

The following types of users are involved in the setup and usage of Siebel Chat:

  • Agents who use Siebel Chat to handle chat requests. Agents log in to Siebel Chat using the communications toolbar in the Siebel Call Center application.
  • Administrators who mainly use Oracle Contact On Demand Administration Manager to set up companies, projects, workgroups, agents, skills, and routing for Siebel Chat.

    Administrators can also log in to Siebel Chat.

  • Supervisors who monitor agent activities and workloads using Oracle Contact On Demand Supervision Manager.

For information about setting up accounts for agents, administrators, and supervisors, see Setting Up User Accounts in Oracle Contact On Demand Administration Manager.

Table 3 outlines the main access level permissions for agents, administrators, and supervisors.

Table 3. Access Level Permission for Siebel Chat Users
Access Level Permission


Agents can:

  • Log in to the Siebel Call Center application and Siebel Chat
  • Accept and respond to Siebel Chat requests
  • Transfer Siebel Chat interactions to other workgroups and agents
  • Release and wrap-up Siebel Chat sessions
  • Create inbound service requests


Administrators can:

  • Log in to Siebel Chat and Oracle Contact On Demand Administration Manager
  • Manage critical data to set up and configure Siebel Chat
  • Manage user accounts for agents and supervisors
  • Create and run reports


Supervisors can:

  • Log in to Oracle Contact On Demand Supervision Manager
  • Monitor agent statistics, workgroups, projects, and Siebel Chat interactions
  • Set alarms
  • Create and run reports
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