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Process of Creating Presentation Templates

To create presentation templates, perform the following tasks:

  1. Creating Presentation Template Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint. To create the slides for the template, you must write the content and insert bookmarks for such variables as company, contact name, address.
  2. Creating Records for Presentation Templates. Use the Siebel application to create a single record for the template.
  3. Defining Presentation Template Sections. Specify the sections the presentation contains.
  4. Adding Components to Presentation Template Sections. Specify the components each section contains.
  5. Using Conditions in Presentation Templates. You can add conditions to specify that sections or components are included in the presentation only under certain circumstances.
  6. Defining Presentation Field Mappings. Specify the Siebel objects that correspond to each bookmark in the Microsoft PowerPoint component slides. You also specify the name of this mapping in the template record.
  7. Associating Field Mappings with Presentation Templates. Associate the mapping with a template to make it apply to all the components in that template.
  8. Creating the Presentation Library. Create a separate library of slides that sales representatives can draw upon to customize their presentations. You can perform this optional step at any time.
  9. Enabling Users to Display Presentations in HTML Format. Update settings on the Document Server to enable end users to view presentations in HTML format.
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