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Creating Records for Presentation Templates

After you create the template slides in Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use Siebel Presentations to create a record for the presentation template.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Presentation Templates.

To create a record for a presentation template

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Document screen, then the Presentation Templates view.
  2. In the Templates list, create a new record, and complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Type a name for the template.


    Select the check box to indicate this template is the default presentation template. When a user clicks Auto Presentation, Siebel Presentations uses the default template if there are no decision issues that match the theme of a presentation. You can select only one Opportunity Presentation default and one Account Presentation default.


    Select one of the following types of templates:

    • Opportunity Presentation. These templates are available only when you are working with Opportunities.
    • Account Presentation. These templates are available only when you are working with Accounts.

    Mapping Name

    Leave this field blank until you create a mapping. Then select the mapping name that indicates the group of bookmark fields to use with this template.

    Template File Name

    Select the Microsoft PowerPoint template slide to attach the slide to the template. (This slide is the background slide.)


    Select a theme if you want to associate the template with a decision issue. When you assign the presentation template a theme, you associate it with a decision issue that is important for the opportunity. When a presentation theme matches the number one decision issue for the current opportunity, Siebel Presentations automatically selects the correct template when the user clicks Auto Presentation. Users can also select a theme template.

    Because accounts do not relate to decision issues, the Theme field is not applicable for Account Presentation templates. It applies only to Opportunity Presentation templates.


    Type a description of the template.


    Select the language in which the template is written.


    Select the locale. Only the templates specific to this locale appear.

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