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Enabling Data Quality at the Object Manager Level

In real-time mode, data quality is called when a new or modified record is saved. Real-time data matching and cleansing is supported only for employee-facing applications. By specifying data matching and cleansing parameters at the object manager level in the Siebel application, you can enable data matching or cleansing for one application and disable it for another application. However, you cannot enable data matching for both the Matching Server and the Universal Connector for the same application.

To enable data matching and data cleansing for real-time processing at the object manager level, you must enable certain parameters for the object manager that the application uses. You enable real-time processing for data matching and cleansing using either the graphical user interface (GUI) of the Siebel application or the command-line interface of the Siebel Server Manager.

NOTE:  The command-line interface of the Siebel Server Manager is the srvrmgr program. For more information about using the command-line interface, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

Use the following procedures to enable data matching and cleansing for real-time processing:

These procedures require that data quality is already enabled at the enterprise level. For information about enabling data quality at the enterprise level, see Enabling Data Quality at the Enterprise Level.

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