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About Using Effective Dating with Siebel EAI Adapter Business Service

The Siebel EAI Adapter allows you to access effective dating data, which means the start date and end date for a given field or link. Third-party applications can request and receive effective dating data from the Siebel application.

To view XML samples for effective dating functionality see XML Reference: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

You specify effective dating on fields of a given business component through a Siebel Web Client administration screen. For more information, see Enabling Effective Dating on Fields. Two integration component field attributes allow you to set effective dating: EDStartDate and EDEndDate. Standard querying techniques, such as query, insert, update, and sync can be used to request effective dating-enabled data.

As Figure 33 shows, the Siebel Object Manager framework features APIs that are called by the Siebel EAI Adapter when an integration object with effective dating-enabled fields or links is read by the XML Converter.

Figure 33. Effective Dating Overview

The following two topics explain how effective dating works:

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