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Custom Business Service Methods

Your business service must implement the Init and Query methods as described in this topic. The Delete, PreInsert, Insert, and Update methods are optional, and depend on the functionality required by the VBC.

NOTE:  Custom business services can be based only on the CSSService class, as specified in Siebel Tools.

These methods pass property sets between the VBC and the business service. VBC methods take property sets as arguments. Each method takes two property sets: an Inputs property set and an Outputs property set. The methods are called by the CSSBCVExtern class in response to requests from other objects that refer to, or are based on the VBC.

If VBCs are used, then custom business services are written to access external relational databases. However, it is recommended that you use external business components (EBCs) to access these databases instead of writing custom business services. For more information on EBCs, see External Business Components.

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