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Using the Local Business Service

In many instances, Web services use specialized SOAP headers for common tasks such as authentication, authorization, and logging. To support this common Web service extensibility mechanism, the Local Business Service transport for outbound Web services can be used. When specified as a transport, the Web services infrastructure will route the message to the specified business service for additional processing and delivery to the Web service endpoint as shown in the top half of Figure 25.

Figure 25. Local Business Service Used as a Transport

If the Web service to be invoked is within the sample application, then no need exists to call such a Web service by using HTTP (or anything else).

An example of using a local business service is a department store developing a workflow in Siebel Tools to perform credit card checks before purchases. The purchase is entered into the sales register along with the credit card information (the outbound Web service proxy). If the credit card is issued by the department store, then the information can be checked using the internal database (a local business service). The send request stays within the department store's own computer network. An approval or denial is the output (the Web service endpoint). If the credit card is a MasterCard or a Visa card, then the card information is passed over the Internet for verification. No local business service would be involved.

The input to the local business service is a property set representation of the SOAP request. Once within the local business service, additional SOAP headers can be added to address infrastructure requirements by direct modification of the input property set by using Siebel eScript or Siebel VB.

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