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EAI Dispatch Service

You can use the EAI Dispatch Service to:

  • Respond to a request from an external system. This can be a request to query data or a request to insert data into the Siebel Database. See Inbound Requests.
  • Send data to an external system based on an event in Siebel applications. See Outbound Requests.

The EAI Dispatch Service works with the hierarchy in the property set, which may be in some cases different from the hierarchy in your document. When dispatching XML documents, you should use the XML Hierarchy Converter because it generates a hierarchy matching the hierarchy in the XML document.

NOTE:  For details on the XML Hierarchy Converter, see XML Reference: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

Use the business service argument tracing facility provided by the EAI Dispatch Service to understand the input property set hierarchy. This facility dumps the input and the output of the EAI Dispatch Service as XML. For details, see Testing Your EAI Dispatch Service Using Argument Tracing.

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