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EAI Data Mapping Engine Methods

The EAI Data Mapping Engine business service has two methods: Execute and Purge.


Use the Execute method when your integration requires data transformation. Input and output arguments for the Execute method are shown in Table 8 and Table 9.

Table 8. Input Arguments for Execute Method
Input Argument

Map Name

Name of your data map.

Output Integration Object Name (Optional)

The target integration object in your map. If you use this argument you have to match it with the data map.

Siebel Message

The instance of your source integration object.

Map Arguments (Optional)

Used as an argument when you call your map from a workflow.

Table 9. Output Argument for the Execute Method
Property Name

Name of the property

The output integration object in Siebel Message format.


This method is only for development mode. Use the Purge method to purge the database of an existing map. Use this method when you have made a change to a map and you would like to run Execute after these changes. This method does not require any input or output arguments.

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