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ConfirmAppointment Method

ConfirmAppointment confirms the selected appointment (time slot) that the GetAppointment method reserves. The activity is assigned to the owner and starts during the selected time slot. This method also releases the other time slots that the GetAppointment method previously reserved.

The GetAppointment and GetAppointments methods generate a property set containing a list of time slots that are available for the activity. Each returned time slot contains properties. The time slot that these methods pass to the ConfirmAppointment method includes the Slot Start - SR Time Zone property. This property indicates the slot start time in the time zone of the service region for the activity.

Invoked From

This method is called when a user clicks the Book Appointment button (in the Schedule view in the Activity List view of the Activities screen), and selects a time slot from the Pick Appointment dialog box (Abs Result Pick Applet).


Table 70 describes the arguments for this method.

Table 70. Arguments for ConfirmAppointment Method
Argument Name


The request ID returned by the ABS for the GetAppointment method.


The service region ID of the activity.

There are no return values for this method.

This method needs an additional input property request key for the Server Requests business service. For more information, see About Calling the ABS and Optimizer Methods.

The following example script defines this additional input:

var SRMSvc = TheApplication().GetService("Server Requests");
var srmInputs = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
var apptBookInputs = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
var srmOutputs = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
srmInputs.SetProperty("Mode", "Sync");
srmInputs.SetProperty("Method", "ConfirmAppointment");
srmInputs.SetProperty("Component", "ApptBook");
srmInputs.SetProperty("ReqKey", Inputs.GetProperty("strSRId"));
// Or the way the service region ID is determined
apptBookInputs.SetProperty("ActId", Inputs.GetProperty("strActId"));
apptBookInputs.SetProperty("SvcRegnId", Inputs.GetProperty("strSRId"));
apptBookInputs.SetProperty("ReqId", Inputs.GetProperty("strReqId"));
apptBookInputs.SetProperty("SlotStart", Inputs.GetProperty("strSlotStartTimeSRTimeZone"));
SRMSvc.InvokeMethod("SubmitRequest", srmInputs, srmOutputs);

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