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GetConfirmedAppointment Method

GetConfirmedAppointment inserts an activity into the schedule without presenting time slot alternatives.

Invoked From

This method is called when a user clicks the Contract Schedule button (in the Schedule view in the Activity List view of the Activities screen). This method is also called when a user selects the Insert Activity command (in the menu in the Unscheduled Activities list of the Dispatch Board).


Table 76 describes the arguments for this method.

Table 76. Arguments for GetConfirmedAppointment Method
Argument Name


The activity ID of the activity to schedule.


The service region ID of the activity.

Return Values

Table 77 describes the return values for this method.

Table 77. Return Values for GetConfirmedAppointment Method
Return Value


The employee assigned to the activity.


The scheduled start time in the time zone of the service region for the activity.

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