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GetResponseTime Method

GetResponseTime uses the entitlement and priority to retrieve the response time. This method selects the response time metric that matches the service request priority for the selected entitlement. This method then calculates the commit time according to the service calendar, and sets the Date Committed and Entitlement fields for the service request.

Invoked From

This method is called by the FS - Verify Entitlement SR workflow. This workflow is called when a user clicks the Verify button on the service request detail applet (in the service request form in the Service Request List view of the Service screen).

The workflow can also be automatically called by using the priority of the service request for service-level agreements for which the committed date and time is often linked to the priority of the service request.

This method can also be called from the FS Holiday API Service business service to calculate the commit time according to a service calendar and an exception calendar.


Table 65 describes the arguments for this method.

Table 65. Arguments for GetResponseTime Method
Argument Name


The ID of the schedule that is associated with the service calendar.

Start Time

The starting date and time of the response to a service request. This argument uses one of the following formats:

  • mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss
  • mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss

The first part of the format designates a date (month/date/year). For this part, the separator can be a slash (/) or a hyphen (-). The second part of the format designates a time (hour:minute:second).

Response Time

The time in seconds, hours, or days to respond to a service request.


The priority of the service request.

Time Unit

The unit of time (for example, seconds, hours, or days).

Time Zone

The time zone that is passed from the GetTimeZone method.

Return Value

Table 66 describes the return value for this method.

Table 66. Return Value for GetResponseTime Method
Return Value

Committed Time

The latest date and time that a customer service representative must respond to the service request.

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