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Troubleshooting the Appointment Booking System and Optimizer

Typically, the following main types of problems can occur when using the ABS:

  • Schedules and the associated activities do not load into the ABS on startup.
  • When you try to book appointments, an error appears stating that no appointments are found.

You can analyze problems that you encounter. For more information, see Troubleshooting the Appointment Booking System.

Also, review the recommendations about how to extract the best solutions in the least amount of time when you use the Optimizer. For more information, see Troubleshooting the Optimizer.

TIP:   It is recommended that you set up distinct administrator users for running the ABS and Optimizer processes. You can trace and understand Siebel Scheduler operations if the ABS and the Optimizer are associated with different users (for example, ABSAdmin and OptAdmin). If the user is left as SADMIN, then you might have difficulty determining whether other workflows affect the activity. Knowing whether a user, a workflow, or Siebel Scheduler is responsible for an action can help you to diagnose problems.

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