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Creating a Personal Forecast Series with Details

The personal forecast with details assumes that sales representatives and their managers want to participate in the forecasting process. After a personal forecast is created, other managers are allowed to adjust the forecast. The personal forecast with details is an example of a rollup forecast.

The personal forecast with details:

  • Is hierarchical and structured, allowing visibility to an entire organization's forecast efforts
  • Rolls up from the bottom to the top of an organization
  • Allows sales representatives, sales managers, and their subordinates to create their own forecasts

Use the personal forecast with details if:

  • Your company has a small number of opportunities with high revenue potential
  • Managers are involved with every aspect of the opportunities and want the ability to change a forecast's line items
  • You want to be able to view several forecasting perspectives

Do not use the personal forecast with details if:

  • Management is not interested in an opportunity's specific details
  • The amount of work involved with creating the forecast has no real advantage

Example: A sales representative creates a forecast for an opportunity that is predicted to be worth $1 million dollars and will close in January. The sales representative's manager can review the forecast, and change the value of the opportunity and the closing date. The manager's manager can review the forecast and make additional changes. See Figure 1 for an illustrated example of this process.

Figure 1. Example of a Forecast Process

To create a personal forecast series with details

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Forecast screen, then the Forecast Administration view.
  2. Create a forecast series as described in Creating a Forecast Series.
  3. In the new forecast series, from the Detail Depth drop-down list, select Revenue Detail.

    This causes the user's forecast detail records to be copied into their manager's forecast without being summarized.

  4. From the Visibility field, select My Revenues.

    This limits the user's forecast to their own revenue records.

  5. Click the Forecast Series Dates tab and add forecast dates.

    For information about adding dates, see Defining Forecast Series Dates.

  6. Click the Forecast Series Participants tab and add the appropriate users.

    Alternatively, click the Forecast Series Organizations tab and add the appropriate organization.

    For information about adding participants, see Adding Forecast Series Participants. For information about adding organizations, see Adding Forecast Series Organizations.

  7. Click the Aggregation tab and add the required aggregation levels.

    For information about adding aggregation levels, see Adding Aggregation Levels.

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