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Business Components for Siebel Consumer Goods Handheld

Table 34 lists the supported business components for Siebel Consumer Goods Handheld applications 

Table 34. Business Components for Siebel Consumer Goods Handheld
Supported Business Components


Contains a list of accounts for which Orders, Activities, and Invoices are created.

Account Note

Holds notes for accounts.

Account Private Note

Holds notes that have a private flag set to True.


Holds activity information, such as, activity type, due date, and completion date. This information is used to track the activities carried out for an account or a contact.

Asset Mgmt - Asset

Holds asset information.

CG FS Activity Parts Movement

Holds information which is used by Van reps to transfer products.

CG Inventory Location

Holds inventory location information for Vans.

CG MerchLoc Product

Holds information about products at a merchandising location in a store.

CG Retail Product

Holds product information for a specific account.


Holding all contact related information, this business component supports Find enhanced functionality - which provides the ability to search for contacts based on entered search criteria.

CPG Account Credit Memo

Holds (and displays) available credit memo records for a given account. This is a read-only business component on the Handheld application.

CPG Account Merchandising Product

Holds products stored at a merchandising location.

CPG HH Inventory Location CE

Holds inventory location information. In the Consumer Goods Handheld application, there can only be a single inventory location, which is usually referred to the user's Van

CPG Route Account

Holds a list of all the accounts on a given route.

CPG Routes

Holds the routes to which a user is assigned.

CPG Store Conditions in Retail Audit

Holds audit information about a product at a store for a particular store visit.

CPG Tax List

Holds tax list header records, which can be associated with an account. This business component is based on the Price List table.

CS HH Deposits

Holds bank deposit header records.

CS HH FS Payments

Holds payments collected by the Rep, which can be associated with a deposit's header.

CUT Address

Holds address related information, such as, Postal Code and City.

Cycle Counting

A BC that allows a Rep to perform Cycle Counting. This is the header record with Start and End Dates and Inventory Location

Cycle Counting Execution

Holds cycle count line items.

FS Asset Measurement Characteristics

Holds a Rep's Van information.

FS Asset Reading

Holds recordings of Van readings.

FS Bucket

Holds a list of products currently in the Van for a given Rep.

FS Inventory Location

Holds data pertaining to inventory locations for a given account or customer.

FS Invoice

Holds invoice information.

FS Invoice Line Items

Holds a record of the invoice line items. There can only be one invoice line item record for a given invoice.

FS Invoice Line Item Details

Holds the details for a given invoice line item.

FS InvLoc Product

Holds inventory (Van) product records.

FS Invoice Payments

Holds a record of the payments that are made against a given invoice.

FS Picklist Product

Holds product records.

In Store Activity

Holds a list of activities that the Rep will be performing on their in store visit.

In Store Visit

Holds a list of in store visits that the Rep will be embarking upon.

Internal Product

Holds a list of products.

Order Entry - Line Items

Holds order line items (products) for a given order.

Order Entry - Orders

Holds orders for a given customer.

Price List

Used for orders, this business component holds price list information for a product.

Retail Audit Product

Holds a list of products that are authorized for a given account.

Retail Outlet Best Call Time

Holds information about best time to call or visit for a given account.

Sales Assessment

Holds information about the assessments header for a given account.

Sales Assessment Attributes

Holds assessment attributes for an assessment template.

Sales Assessment Template

Holds assessment template information.

Sales Assessment Value

Holds the assessment values for sales assessment attributes.

Service Agreement

Holds information about service agreements with an account.

SIS Document ID Number CE

Used (by Orders, Invoices, and Printing) to generate unique document ID numbers.

SIS Document Type

Used by the handheld application to map document type with invoice or order type in order to determine document ID.

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