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Managing Inventory Transactions for Siebel Medical Handheld Applications

After creating assets, you can then create inventory transactions to record movement of inventory from one inventory location to another. You can also keep track of inventory transactions created as part of a cycle count and view signatures captured for approval-required moves.

NOTE:  All inventory transactions created by Siebel Medical Handheld applications are created for
On-Hand Goods bucket. For more information about managing inventory and inventory transactions, see Siebel Field Service Guide.

<DJ/Is it On-Hand Good or "Goods"? I have changed it in two places.>

To record movement of inventory

  1. Navigate to the Inventory Transactions screen.
  2. In the All Inventory Transactions list, create a new record and update the required fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table:



    Type of inventory transaction. For example, Stock Transfer or Receive Other. For information on transaction types, please refer to Siebel Field Service Guide.


    Product being moved.

    Source Location

    Source location. This can be virtual (External Location) or a physical location (warehouse, trunk, or a customer's inventory location).

    Destination Location

    Destination location. This can be virtual (External Location) or a physical location (warehouse, trunk, or a customer's inventory location).

    Source Availability; Source Status; Destination Availability; Status

    Defines inventory level at source location for that product. Inventory levels are categories of products defined by a combination of availability and status. Both availability and status can have a variety of values. Availability values are Customer Owned, In Transit, On Hand, On Order, and Reserved. Status values are Good and Defective.

    NOTE:  When sales representatives are performing cycle counts, transactions are automatically generated with Availability = On Hand and Status = Good.

    For information on transaction types, Siebel Field Service Guide.

  3. Click the Transaction # Hyperlink.

    The Inventory Transaction, then the Assets view appears.

  4. In the Assets list, create a new record.
  5. Click the select button in the Asset # field.

    The Pick Asset picklist appears.

  6. Select an asset, then click OK.
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