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Viewing Signatures Captured for Approval-Required Moves from Siebel Medical Handheld Applications

Sales representatives can decide to move inventory from a customer's inventory location, as in the case of expired or short-dated product. Your company might decide to enforce varying levels of control for movements that are done on certain products (for example, controlled substances, new products, and so on). Or, your company might want to enforce control on all inventory movements done on specific inventory locations. In such cases, your company can enforce sales representatives to capture signature directly on the Handheld application. You can then view signatures captured for these inventory transactions.

To view signatures captured for approval-required moves

  1. Navigate to the Inventory Transactions screen.
  2. In the All Inventory list, query for the inventory transaction you need.
  3. Click the hyperlink in the Transaction # field.
  4. Click the Approvals view tab.
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