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Adding Contacts in Siebel Pharma Handheld

Using the Contacts screen and the My Contacts view, you can add contacts and update contact information directly in Siebel Pharma Handheld.

To add contacts

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen.

    The My Contacts list appears.

  2. On the toolbar, tap the New Record icon.
  3. Complete the Last Name, First Name, Main Phone, Type, and Title fields for the new record.

To add additional contact information

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen

    The My Contacts list appears.

  2. Tap the Last Name link in the My Contacts list.
  3. Add or edit information in the available fields. Some of the fields are described in the following table.


    A contact can have more than one address. One address must be specified as primary. Addresses are entered using the Addresses view. For more information about adding addresses, see Adding Contact Addresses in Siebel Pharma Handheld.

    Last Call Date

    Read only. The date of the most recent call that has been submitted.

    OK to Sample

    Checking this box indicates that it is permissible to drop samples off with this contact.

    Primary Specialty

    Read-only. Siebel administrators define this value.

    Rep Specialty

    The specialty or area of expertise associated with this contact within the contact's organization.


    Allows users to select when to visit an account from a predefined route schedule.


    Must be filled in before a contact can sign for receipt of samples.


    Indicates the type of contact.

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