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Managing Contacts with Siebel Pharma Handheld Applications

A contact is typically a physician, nurse, pharmacist or other medical professional. In a more general sense, a contact is any individual a pharmaceutical company deems significant to their business process, such as a formulary director, contracts administrator, or medical education event speaker.

Sales representatives use Siebel Pharma Handheld to add and update contact profile information which might include adding new contacts, creating new contact addresses, tracking affiliations between contacts and accounts, recording the best times to call on a contact, transcribing relevant notes, and viewing prescription data.

This topic describes how to manage contact information using all of the views accessible from the Show drop-down list of the Contacts screen, except for Calls and Activities.

The following contact procedures are included in this topic:

For information on the Calls and Activities views, see Creating Contact Calls in Siebel Pharma Handheld or Creating General Activities in Siebel Pharma Handheld Applications.

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