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Enabling Organization LOV Support in the Siebel Handheld Client

There are two main stages involved in enabling organization LOV support in the Siebel Handheld Client.

  • First you must create a new business object in Siebel Tools (for example, SHCE LOV Internal) and attach List Of Values (Internal) buscomp to it. For more information about creating business objects in Siebel Tools, see Using Siebel Tools.
  • Then you must force extraction of the List Of Values (Internal) buscomp with a specific filter expression. This involves the following:

To create a new default directive

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Mobile screen, then the Application Administration view.
  2. In the Handheld Applications list, select the appropriate application, and then click the Settings tab.
  3. Click New, and then enter the required information.


    The name of the directive. For example, DefaultBusObj.


    The value to set in the directive. This value should correspond to the business object from which you want to extract List Of Values (Internal) buscomp.

    For example, SHCE LOV Internal|0|List Of Values (Internal)|[Intersection Table Org Id].

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