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Adding Settings to Enable Store-and-Forward Messaging

New settings are necessary to properly extract the Store-and-Forward Messaging views.

To add settings to enable Store-and-Forward Messaging

  1. Navigate to Administration - Mobile > Application Administration > Settings.
  2. Query for your Siebel Handheld application.

    For example, Siebel HH LS Medical.

  3. Create the following new Settings records:


    <name of unsupported business component>, Sequence = 1


    SHCE Async Query, Sequence = 1


    SHCE Async Query Results, Sequence = 2


    SHCE Wireless Alerts, Sequence = 3


    SMQ Message Service, Sequence = 1

    For example, the Solution business component, for the SHCE Service application. For information on configuring unsupported business components, see Configuring Unsupported Business Components for Asynchronous Query.

For information on entering information for the Siebel Handheld application, see Entering Information for the Store-and-Forward Messaging Application.

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