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Administering Messages in Store-and-Forward Messaging

Once a Siebel Handheld application is enabled for Store-and-Forward Messaging, you must administer the data message definition from the Administration—Store-and-Forward screen.

To administer data messages

  1. Navigate to Administration—Store-and-Forward > Message List, and select an application.
  2. The following Administration views and sub-views need to be populated for Store-and-Forward function:
    • Message Objects. Each data message object is based on a business object defined in the Siebel Handheld application. A message object consists typically of a record in the primary business component and all the descendant records in its descendant message components.
    • Message Components. A message component consists of various fields. Not all field values are included in the message components.
    • Fields. Only the fields displayed in the message fields are constructed in a data message.

      You can populate these views manually, or they will be automatically populated during the first handheld synchronization process.

Manually Populating Message Objects, Components, and Fields

For detailed information on how to manually populate these views, see Creating Store-and-Forward Messaging Message Objects.

Automatically Populating Message Objects, Components and Fields

If a Siebel Handheld application has been enabled for Store-and-Forward Messaging and you have successfully installed an instance of the Siebel Handheld application on a Pocket PC device, the first handheld synchronization process populates the message objects, message components and fields automatically. This initial synchronization process may take longer than usual. For information on Siebel Handheld application synchronization, see the Siebel Handheld Guide for the application you are using.

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