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Reviewing Event Checks

Event Managers can review event checks that are generated for the customer and for the accounting department of the property. The event manager reviews the individual event check line items and verifies items that have Tax and Service Charge inclusive flags selected.

This task is a step in Process of Generating Event Checks.

To review event checks

  1. Navigate to the Event Check screen, then the Event Checks List view.

    Use the Visibility filter to show All Event Checks, or All Event Checks Across Organizations.

  2. In the Event Checks list, query for and select the required event check record.
  3. In the Event Check record, click the link in the Event Check # field.
  4. From the Event Check form, click the Line Items (Guest) view tab to review customer invoice items.
  5. Click the Line Items (Accounting) view tab to review event check line items for accounting.
  6. Click the Notes view tab to review other information entered about the event.
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