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Creating a Generic Event Template

There are two ways in which a generic event template can be created:

The following procedure details how to create the generic template record and details the overview information required for each generic template.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Event Templates.

To create a generic event template

  1. Navigate to the Event Templates screen, then the Generic Template view.
  2. In the Generic Template list, create a new record, click the Show More button, complete the required fields, and save the record.

    The following table describes some of the fields.



    Enter a name for the template.

    Event Template #

    This number is automatically generated.

    Peak # Attendees

    The peak number of attendees who can attend the event.

    Peak # Sleeping Rooms

    The peak number of sleeping rooms for the event.

    Peak # Function Spaces

    The peak number of function spaces for the generic event.

    Total # Nights

    The total number of nights for which the rooms are blocked.

    Business Type

    Choose the business type in this field, that is, either Group or Local.

    # of Days

    The duration of the event.


    Complete this field to make the template specific to an account or number of accounts.


    Complete this field to make the template specific to a contact or number of contacts.

    Opportunity Market

    Specifies whether or not the sales representative is selling within his or her assigned territory (In Market) or outside of it (Out of Market).

    Opportunity Type

    Means of classifying the opportunity, for example, Board Meeting, Job Fair, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

    Opportunity Segment

    The default is the market segment value, but the value can be changed to reflect a different user segment. For example, a corporate account typically would be associated with a corporate segment. However, if the corporation holds a social function, the segmentation attributes might be different (social segment rather than corporate).

    Group Type

    An additional classification means for the opportunity group.

    Payment Method

    Select a method of payment for the event.

    Discount %

    The percentage discount for the event.

    Created Date

    The date on which the template was created.

    Created By

    The User Id of the user who created the template.

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