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Roadmap for Setting Up Siebel Hospitality

Use this chapter in combination with Siebel Applications Administration Guide, Siebel Product Administration Guide, and Siebel Pricing Administration Guide.

NOTE:  The Siebel Bookshelf is available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. It might also be installed locally on your intranet or on a network location.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide covers the setup tasks that are common to all of Oracle's Siebel Business Applications, such as using license keys, defining employees, and defining the structure of your company. The guide also provides the information that you must have to perform data administration and document administration tasks.

Some tasks discussed in this chapter replace the corresponding tasks in Siebel Applications Administration Guide, whereas others are additional tasks. Make sure you review Table 5 before following the procedures in Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

This chapter assumes that you have already performed the following operations:

  • Installed or completed the upgrade of Siebel Hospitality, and created the Siebel Administrator account that is used to perform the tasks described in this guide. For more information, see Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using. If you are upgrading, see Siebel Database Upgrade Guide.
  • Completed general Siebel application setup procedures, such as adding employees, assigning positions and responsibilities, setting visibility rules, and so on. For more information about the user authentication environment and how visibility works, see Siebel Security Guide.

Table 5 lists and describes the administrative setup tasks that are specific to Siebel Hospitality and the tasks that differ from those of other Siebel Business Applications. The table also directs you to documentation that provides information about each task.

Table 5. Administrative Setup Tasks
Administrative Task
For More Information

Workflow process activation

Set up Siebel Hospitality-specific workflows to process data and run some application behaviors.

Process of Setting Up Hospitality Workflows

Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide

State model activation

Activate the TNT Event Check Status state model by defining activation and expiration dates that span a current and future time period.

Activating the TNT Event Check Status State Model

Assignment Manager setup

Set up Assignment Manager to automate the assignment of event-related activities to a person or team, as defined by specific assignment rules.

Assignments rules can be based on any combination of criteria, including business workflow policies, employee skills, workload, and territory or account team definitions.

Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide

Opportunity quotes administration

Set parameters to control behaviors of quotes generated from an opportunity.

Process of Configuring Opportunities and Quotes

View dates configuration

Control the date synchronization behavior of certain views that display two or more date ranges.

Disabling Date Synchronization

Property administration

Set up property records and property characteristics.

Setting Up Properties

Function space, sleeping room, and suite administration

Create function space records, sleeping room records, suite records, and property-specific setup styles.

Setting Up Function Spaces, Sleeping Rooms, and Suites

Product line administration

Set up product lines for sleeping rooms and generic catering products.

Siebel Product Administration Guide

Product and asset administration

Group products into parent categories, child categories, and subcategories. Define generic catering products, room blocks, and assets.

Setting Up Products and Assets

Siebel Product Administration Guide

Menus and packages administration

Set up menus and packages as property-specific complex products.

Setting Up Property-Specific Menus and Packages

Inventory control administration

Set up function space, sleeping room, and suite inventory controls.

Setting Up Inventory Controls

Function space administration

Set up day parts, status indicators, and translations for a property.

Defining Day Parts, Status Indicators, and Setup Style Translations

Tax code, service charge, and charge code administration

Set up tax codes, service charges, and charge codes for a property.

Setting Up Charge Codes, Taxes, and Service Charges

Siebel Pricing Administration Guide

Product and property pricing administration

Create price lists for each property. Define the rates for function space, sleeping rooms, and suites. Set profit thresholds and pricing discounts.

Setting Up Pricing and Property Pricing

Meeting package setup

Create and maintain complete meeting packages and their associated components as generic objects.

Setting Up Meeting Packages

Event template setup

Create opportunity and quote event templates for event types that occur regularly.

Defining Event Templates

Contact and account creation

Define Hospitality accounts and contacts.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Proposal Generator setup

The proposal generator automatically creates agreement proposals from selected quotes.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Function Space Diary setup

Perform setup and configuration tasks for the Function Space Diary.

Process of Configuring the Function Space Diary

Turnover template setup

Use the Sales Assessment Template view to create a template for turnover tasks.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Reports setup

Configure headers, logos, and fields for Hospitality reports. Set up report text for taxes and service charges.

Roadmap for Administering Hospitality Reports

Siebel Reports Administration Guide

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