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TNT Update History Opportunity Workflow

This workflow updates a historical opportunity and the data associated with the opportunity. Figure 7 shows this workflow.

This workflow is called by the TNT Nightly Update History Opportunity Workflow.

Figure 7. TNT Update History Opportunity Workflow
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Workflow Description. This workflow performs the following actions:

  1. Quote - History Opty Transform. This workflow step transfers the quote-related data, which includes Opportunity, Quote, Functions, and Room Block details, to a historical opportunity using Data Map Objects.
  2. Refresh Hierarchal Records. This workflow step calls the Refresh Hierarchal business components when hierarchal records are transferred through the Data Transfer Utilities (DTU), to maintain the hierarchy in the destination business component.
Associated Business Service Methods

The following table shows the steps in this workflow that call business service methods.

Workflow Step
Business Service Method Called

Quote - History Opty Transform


Refresh Hierarchal Records


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