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Roadmap for Managing Property-Specific Event Quotes

The following list shows tasks and processes that users typically perform when generating property-specific quotes for an event. Your company might follow a different process according to its business requirements.

NOTE:  Before performing the procedures and processes listed in this roadmap, complete the procedures in Capturing Hospitality Opportunities.

To manage property-specific event quotes, perform the following tasks and processes:

  1. Generating an Event Quote
  2. Generating Quotes from Opportunities
  3. Generating Quotes from Recurring Events
  4. Generating Quotes from Host-Affiliate Opportunities
  5. Modifying an Event Quote
  6. Changing the Sales Manager and Event Manager for a Quote
  7. Changing Multiple Event Quotes
  8. Applying a Property-Specific Event Template to a Quote
  9. Creating an Event Template from a Quote
  10. Adding Details to an Event Quote
  11. Managing Functions Associated with Quotes
  12. Adding Nonfunction Line Items to a Quote
  13. Managing Event Room Block Information in Quotes
  14. Process of Reviewing Quote Details
  15. Reviewing Quote Discounts
  16. Reviewing Revenue Estimates for Quote Functions
  17. Reviewing Macro Estimates for Quotes
  18. Viewing the Quote Event Calendar
  19. Analyzing Quotes, Functions, and Room Blocks with Charts
  20. Process of Managing Meeting Packages in a Quote
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