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Setting Up Server Components for Siebel Loyalty

There are three Siebel Enterprise server components defined for the Siebel Loyalty Engine:

  • eLoyalty Processing Engine - Realtime. Processes the requests from users when they click the Process button to process a transaction or tier. For each request submitted from a client, a separate Siebel task is started that processes the object and exits when done.
  • eLoyalty Processing Engine - Batch. Performs back-end processing. Once started, this component runs in the background and processes objects as they are created in the database. Each of its Siebel tasks continue to wait for objects to process until the component or server is shut down.
  • eLoyalty Processing Engine - Interactive. Processing is routed dynamically based on available processes and loads.

All Siebel Loyalty Engine server components in a Siebel Enterprise can access updated cache information during Siebel Loyalty transaction processing, even if the components are running on different Siebel Servers. The Siebel Loyalty cache object contains all the active programs and promotions that are required for processing transactions. Because updated cache data is available on all servers running Siebel Loyalty Engine components, you can implement multiple instances of the real-time server component, running on different Siebel Servers, in a Siebel Enterprise.

The following topics provide information about setting up each of the server components for the Siebel Loyalty Engine:

For additional information about the architecture of the Siebel Loyalty server components, see Siebel Loyalty Engine Reference.

NOTE:  The functionality described in this topic requires that you install Siebel CRM Release or later, or or later. For information, see the applicable Siebel Maintenance Release Guide on My Oracle Support.

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