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Reactivating Loyalty Points

If members do not use all their points and some points expire, then the members might want to reactivate expired points. If you enable point reactivation, then the customer service representative can reactivate non-qualifying points that have expired. The customer sales representative cannot reactivate qualifying points.

You specify how long reactivated points remain active when you define the Points Reactivation product.

You specify which point types can be reactivated and how long they can be activated after they expire when you define point types. The customer sales representative cannot reactivate more points than the number that have expired recently enough that they can still be reactivated.

The member pays for this service in cash.

To make it possible for the member service representative to reactivate points, the administrator must perform the following setup tasks:

To reactivate Loyalty points

  1. Navigate to the Loyalty Members screen.
  2. Click View, Action Pane, Tasks to view the task user interface.
  3. In the Members list, click the Member Number (#) hyperlink.
  4. In the Tasks list, click Create Reactivation Point Details.
  5. Select the Point Type and the Reactivation product, and click Next.

    Only point types that are enabled for reactivation are displayed in the list you select from.

  6. Enter the number of points to be reactivated, and click Next.

    You cannot enter a number greater than the number of points that expired during the specified time period.

  7. Select price options and enter payment details and click Next.

    Payment must use the Pay method. Pay plus points is not available.

  8. Review the summary of the transaction, and click Submit.
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