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Process of Setting Up Campaign Execution Options

Campaign execution options are available in Siebel Marketing and Siebel Campaigns. Use the campaign execution options to specify campaign contact ownership and control the user's ability to edit campaign contacts and prospects. You specify the ownership type and complete the default owners (organization and position). In addition, you can apply assignment rule groups (optional) that perform owner assignment.

Campaign contact ownership is a feature to control team members' visibility into the campaign contacts. Team members accessing the Campaign Contacts view can display only those campaign contacts and prospects that they own.

You create these assignment rules in the Assignment Rules view in the Assignment Administration screen. For more information, see Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide. You select a rule group for a campaign in the Campaigns screen.

To establish execution options and apply Siebel Assignment Manager rules to campaign contacts, perform the following tasks:

  1. Setting Up Execution Options for Campaigns
  2. Using Siebel Assignment Manager with Campaign Contacts

This process is a step in Roadmap for Setting Up Campaigns.

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