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Marketing Process Flow

About Campaigns

Roadmap for Executing Stand-Alone Campaigns from Start to Finish

Roadmap for Executing Marketing Programs from Start to Finish

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Planning and Budgeting for Marketing

About Planning and Budgeting for Marketing

About Marketing Initiatives

Process of Creating Marketing Plans and Budget Requests

Creating Marketing Plans

Creating Initiatives and Linking Initiatives to Plans

Setting Goals for Marketing Plans

Creating and Associating Tactics with Marketing Plans

Developing and Managing Marketing Funds

Creating and Submitting Budget Requests

About Developing and Tracking Budgets for Marketing Plans

Developing and Tracking Budgets for Marketing Plans

Associating Purchase Orders with Marketing Tactics and Budget Requests

Creating Line Items for a Purchase Order

Managing Marketing Assets and Collateral

Attaching Documents to Marketing Plans

Adding Expenses for Events, Campaigns, and Programs

Associating Invoices and Invoice Items with Expenses

Using Loyalty Programs

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Designing Marketing Programs

About Designing Marketing Programs

Process of Designing Marketing Programs

About Multistage Programs

About the Program Execution Workflow

Creating Programs

About Using the Program Flow

Adding Stages to Programs

Specifying Repeating Stages Within Programs

Adding Lag Time Between Stages Within Programs

Adding Campaigns to Stages

About Using Triggers with Campaign Stages

Adding Triggers to a Campaign Stage

Associating Segments with Campaigns

Adding Imported or Internal Lists to Campaigns

Adding Trees to Campaigns

Adding Responses to Programs

Applying Funneling with Constrained Connectors

Applying Lead Creation to a Program

Setting Up Waves for Campaign Loads

Creating and Applying Program Templates

Executing Programs

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Creating and Using Offers and Treatments

About Creating and Using Offers and Treatments

Process of Creating and Modifying Offers

Creating and Modifying Offers

Adding Treatments to Offers

Associating Products with Treatments

About Creating and Editing Treatment Templates

Process of Creating and Editing Treatment Templates

Creating Treatment Templates and Adding to the Template List

About Using Hyperlinks (HREF) in Treatment Templates

About Email Treatments

Process of Working with Email Treatments

Creating Email Treatments

Associating Templates with Email Treatments

Editing Treatments

Adding Attachments to Email Treatments

Adding Response Forms to Email Treatments

Adding Social Sharing URLs to Email Treatments

Adding Dynamic URLs to Email Treatments

Creating Activities for Contacts and Prospects for Email Treatments

Using the Task UI Application to Create and Update an Email Treatment

About Using Personalization Categories When Editing Treatments

Associating Web Offers, Web Surveys, Events, and Trackable URL Personalization Items with Treatments

About the Merge Fields Personalization Category

Using Merge Fields in Email Treatments

Selecting a Personalization Format for an Email Treatment

About Creating Conditional Content in Treatments

About the If-Then Personalization Element

Inserting If-Then Statements in an Email Treatment

About the Named Blocks Personalization Element

Inserting Named Blocks in an Email Treatment

About Applying Localization Rules to Treatments

Previewing Treatments

About Fax Treatments

Process of Working with Fax Treatments

Associating Templates with Fax Treatments

Delivery Profiles for Fax Treatments

Creating Delivery Profiles and Associating with Fax Treatments

Web Treatments

Associating Templates with Web Treatments

Adding Attachments to the Web Treatments Downloads List

Creating Other Treatment Types

Creating Contact Call Treatments and Associating a Response Template

Direct Mail Treatments

Media Treatments

Phone Treatments and Direct Sales Treatments

Associating Literature with Treatments

Implementing Test and Control Groups for Treatments

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Planning and Designing Marketing Campaigns

About Siebel Campaigns

About Creating and Using Activity Plans

Process of Planning and Designing Marketing Campaigns

Creating Activity Templates

Associating Activity Plans with Programs and Campaigns

Viewing Timelines

Associating Documents with Programs and Campaigns

Roadmap for Setting Up Campaigns

Creating Campaigns

Associating Offers and Segments with Campaigns

Allocating Segments, Segment Trees, and Lists to Offer Treatments

Associating Related Events with Campaigns

Using SmartScripts with Campaigns

Creating and Applying Campaign Templates

Process of Setting Up Teams and Groups

Assigning Teams to Campaigns

Setting Up Campaign Groups

Associating Groups with Campaigns

Process of Setting Up Campaign Execution Options

Setting Up Execution Options for Campaigns

Using Siebel Assignment Manager with Campaign Contacts

Process of Setting Up Campaign Quotas

Creating Campaign Quota Plans

Defining Quotas for the Plan

Assigning Awards to the Campaign Quota Objective

Assigning Campaign Quota Plan Participants

Process of Setting Up Campaign Assignment Skills

Associating Assignment Skills with Campaigns

Defining Campaign Skill Items

Deleting Assignment Skills and Campaign Skill Items

Using Siebel Marketing with Siebel Events Management

Testing Campaigns

Scenario for Testing Campaigns

Testing Campaigns That Have Email and Fax Treatments

Using Seed Lists for Testing Email Treatments

About Using Response Management

About Response Definitions

Adding Response Information to Prospect or Contact Records

Using Automatic Source Code and Treatment Code Lookups

Adding Products to Responses

Adding Orders to Responses

Adding Opportunities to Responses

Adding Attachments to Responses

Response Types

Promoting Responses to Opportunities

Creating Automatic Responses from Opportunities and Orders

Reviewing and Adding Campaign Elements in Campaign Explorer

Process of Loading Customers in Campaigns

Associating Lists of Prospects or Contacts with Campaigns

Troubleshooting the Contact and Prospect List

Adding Contacts and Prospects to Campaigns Individually

Viewing Campaign Contacts and Prospects

Loading Campaigns

About Reviewing Contacts and Prospects in Active Campaigns

Using Waves with Campaigns

About Previewing and Generating Lists

Previewing Lists

Manually Generating Campaign Lists

Integrating Contact Planning Rules in Marketing Campaigns

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Launching Programs and Campaigns

About Launching Programs and Campaigns

Process of Launching Campaigns

Launching Campaigns Manually

Launching Email and Fax Campaigns

About the Marketing Campaign Launch Workflow Process

Checking Campaign Launch Status

Suspending and Relaunching Email Campaigns

Process of Using the Schedule Calendar View

Schedule Calendar View

Scheduling a Stage Execution and Editing a Schedule

Scheduling the Execution of Campaigns

Displaying Campaign Charts in Siebel Campaigns

Displaying Campaign Achievement Charts

Displaying Call Status Analysis Charts

Displaying Call Status Analysis by Employee Charts

Displaying Lead Quality Analysis by Campaign Charts or Response Charts

Displaying Opportunity Revenue Analyses

Displaying Order Revenue Analysis Charts

Displaying Campaign Trend Analyses

Process of Displaying Response Charts in Siebel Campaigns

Accessing the Response Charts

Displaying the Campaign Analysis (Response) Charts

Displaying the Opportunity Analysis (Response) Charts

Displaying the Offer Analysis (Response) Charts

Displaying the Offer Type Analyses (Response) Charts

Displaying the Revenue Analysis (Response) Charts

Displaying the Average Opportunity Revenue Analysis (Response) Charts

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Managing Lists

Siebel List Management Module

About Importing External Data

Importing External Data and Creating Data Mappings

Importing External Data

Creating and Modifying Data Mappings

Process of Creating and Managing Internal Lists and Subscription Lists

Associating Prospect Lists in Siebel Marketing

Creating Internal Lists

Adding Prospects or Contacts to Internal Lists

Creating Lists of Prospects Using Additional Attributes

Creating and Managing Subscription Lists

Promotion of Prospects to Contacts

Promoting Single or Multiple Prospects

Promotion Map Modifications

Modifying Map Entries

Process of Viewing and Maintaining Lists

Displaying Lists of Contacts or Prospects

Deactivating or Deleting Lists

Removing Prospects or Contacts from Lists

Integrating List Management with D&B

Viewing Account Data for D&B Prospects

Promotion of D&B Prospects

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Creating and Using Leads

About Creating and Using Leads

Process of Creating, Modifying, and Qualifying Leads

Creating and Modifying Leads

Qualifying Leads

Converting Leads

About Creating Leads from Social Media Data

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Setting Up and Using Web Marketing

About Siebel Web Marketing

Web Marketing and Web Site Visitors

Anonymous Visitor

Email Contact

Email Prospect

Logged-In Contact

Requirements for Installing Siebel Web Marketing

Control of User Access to the Web Marketing Web Site

Default Responsibilities and Users for Web Marketing

Assigning Default Campaigns and Default Offers

Use of Siebel Personalization with Web Marketing

Customization of the Web Marketing User Interface

Web Templates

Web Marketing Without Frames

Full-Text Search

Response Management

Siebel Web Marketing Web Site

Web Marketing Offers Page

Web Marketing Product Detail View

Web Marketing Web Survey View

About Adding Unstructured Content

Web Marketing Information Page

About Web Surveys and Landing Sites

Landing Site Deployment Methods

About the Web Survey Daemon

Using the Task UI Application to Create or Update a Landing Site

Customizing a Landing Site

Extending Survey Field Mapping

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