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About Importing External Data

This topic provides information about importing external data, for example, lists of leads or contacts, into Siebel Marketing. For instructions about how to import external data and create data mappings between the imported data and Siebel Marketing tables, see Importing External Data and Creating Data Mappings.

Each import job uses a reusable import mapping between the columns of the input data and the columns of the Siebel Marketing tables. The job can also be configured to ignore certain fields, allow field updates, or require columns to have an exact match while checking for duplicates. Once the job has been defined with import mappings, it can be scheduled to run. Jobs can be executed on a recurring basis. You can monitor an activated job for exceptions and errors.

The Lead Import workflow handles the lead import logic. The Response Import, Account Import, and Contact Import workflows allow multi-threaded batch import of responses, accounts, and contacts from external files to core CRM tables. The core import logic of these workflows is not customizable. For more information about activating and customizing workflows, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

Figure 2 illustrates the lead import logic.

Figure 2. Lead Import Logic

Figure 3 illustrates the B2B import logic.

Figure 3. B2B Import Logic

Figure 4 illustrates the response import logic.

Figure 4. Response Import Logic

Figure 5 illustrates the account import logic.

Figure 5. Account Import Logic

Figure 6 illustrates the contact import logic.

Figure 6. Contact Import Logic
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