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Web Marketing Offers Page

The default home page for Web Marketing is the Offers page. The center applet of this view contains the specific Web offer intended for each Web site visitor. The Offers page provides links to other views, including additional offers, product information, Web surveys, and account and contact profile information.

The Offers page has several configurable applets, which this topic describes.


The salutation text that appears depends on the personalization rules that are applied for the visitor who accesses the page. After logging in, registered email recipients or Web users get a greeting customized with their names. An anonymous Web visitor's greeting says "Welcome!" You can change the salutation greeting text in the Personalization Administration views.

NOTE:  When Web Marketing is deployed as part of the eCustomer application (a bundle of eSales, eService and Web Marketing), the visitor can display the Offers page (Web Marketing home page) and the eCustomer home page. Because the eCustomer home page has a salutation greeting, the salutation greeting is suppressed in the Offers page (Web Marketing home page).

New User Link

You can set up the New User link that appears in the User Login applet so a Web site visitor can create a user ID and password for limited access to your Web Marketing Web site. When a visitor clicks New User on the Web Marketing home page, the registration views appears. The process is managed by a workflow business process that you can modify. For more information, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Task UI Guide and Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

NOTE:  If a prospect registers, then the prospect is converted to a contact. After becoming a contact, responses captured for the prospect are not associated with the new contact record. For more information, see Siebel Security Guide.

Web Offer

The center applet of the Offers page displays Web offer details. The applet contains the contents of the Web offer presented to the visitor. The Offer that appears is determined in the following ways:

  • The offer details are based on the Web-offer link that the visitor selects in an email.
  • The offer details are based on how Siebel Personalization sorts the offers in the Featured Offers applet. Details for the top offer in the Featured Offers applet appear in the center applet.

NOTE:  If no featured offers exist, then the Featured Offers area displays nothing.

Recommended Products

This applet contains a list of recommended products, customized for each visitor based on that visitor's Web profile attributes. This list can be modified using the Personalization Administration views. Unidentified visitors get a default listing.

Featured Offers

This applet displays every Web offer for which the contact or prospect is eligible. When a visitor logs onto a Web site and clicks the Send Product Information or Request Call Back link, the response is captured for the default campaign and offer.

Web-offer types have the following characteristics:

  • Web offers associated with the default campaign. When you specify a default campaign, the offers associated with that campaign appear in the Featured Offers list. The default campaign does not have to be loaded with campaign contacts and prospects. However, the campaign and associated Web offers must have active dates, and the Inbound Active flag must be checked.
  • Web offers associated with other active campaigns. These have been loaded with contacts and prospects. The offers must have active dates and the Inbound Active flag must be checked. Only those contacts and prospects targeted get these Web offers in the Featured Offers applet.

For more information about setting the default campaign or default offer, see Assigning Default Campaigns and Default Offers.

Information Page

This applet contains hyperlinks to the following applets in the Information page:

  • Downloads
  • Send Product Information
  • Request a Call

For more information about these applets, see Web Marketing Information Page.

Do you have another offer?

This applet contains fields that a visitor can use to enter the offer code and source code and then click Submit. An alternate Web offer then appears, and Siebel Web Marketing creates a response.

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