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Creating and Managing Subscription Lists

You can use lists in List Management to serve as subscription lists for Email campaigns. A subscription list is a set of contacts or prospects who have indicated that they want to receive communications about a certain topic. After creating a subscription list, you can associate the list with an email offer. Any responses to Subscribe or Unsubscribe from List then adds and removes members from this list.

Before you can create a subscription list, create an internal list of contacts, prospects, or both using one of the following methods:

  • The Add to List button in the List Management views
  • The Create Target List feature (Siebel Industry Applications only)
  • EIM or other custom configuration

Creating a Subscription List

The following procedure shows how to create a subscription list.

To create a subscription list

  1. Navigate to the List Management screen, then the Lists view.
  2. Find the list you created.
  3. Change the Type to Subscription.

Associating a Subscription List with an Email Offer

The following procedure shows how to associate an existing subscription list with an email offer.

To associate a subscription list with an email offer

  1. Navigate to the Offers screen, then the Email Treatments view.
  2. Select or query for an email offer to associate with a subscription list.
  3. In the Subscription List field, click the single select button to choose a subscription list.
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