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Promotion of Prospects to Contacts

When a prospect satisfies a set of screening criteria, he or she can be promoted to become a contact. The new contact record contains the same name and address information as the prospect record. The additional attribute data associated with the prospect is promoted to categories and category values for the new contact.

NOTE:  You can have duplicate contacts in the same account. For example, duplicate contacts from different companies might belong to the same account.

When you promote a prospect, the application checks for the following items:

  • List Management confirms whether Data Quality deduplication is enabled. If so, the promotion matches the prospect against existing contacts. If a match is found, then a pop-up window appears showing the matching contacts. You can then pick or ignore the matches and proceed with the promotion:
    • If the user chooses an existing contact from the pop-up window, then the prospect record is marked as Promoted and its associations with any campaigns, lists, or responses are linked to the selected contact.
    • If the user ignores all matches in the Pop-up Window, then the promotion continues as if no match was detected.
  • If Data Quality finds no matching contact or Data Quality is not enabled, then the promotion checks whether the combination of the Account Name and Account site fields matches an existing account record.
  • If the combination of the Account Name and Account Site fields match an existing account record, then one of the following occurs:
    • If the account name exists but the account site is empty, then the promotion compares with existing accounts that have the same Account Name and Account Site. If an identical account exists, then the promotion links the contact to the existing account. For the prospect address fields, either an update or an insert on the Account Address is performed, based on the combination of Street Address, City, and State (Industry Applications also use Postal Code as well). If there is not a match with an existing account, then a new account is created and the prospect personal address becomes the account address.
    • If no account location or account name is specified, then an account is not created or associated with the promoted prospect. The prospect personal address becomes the contact personal address.
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