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Loading Campaigns

After you associate your lists, segments, and segment tree cells with your campaign, you can load the campaign. Campaigns can be loaded from the Campaign form in any of the Campaign Management views or from the Campaigns list.

The following procedure shows how to load a campaign from the Campaigns screen.

To load a campaign from the Campaigns screen

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns screen.
  2. From the Campaigns list, click the campaign name.

    NOTE:  Make sure you have allocated your segments, lists or segment tree nodes to treatments before you load the campaign.

  3. In the Campaign or Campaign Details form, click the menu button, and choose Load Campaign.

    NOTE:  The Load Campaign option is active only if your administrator has given you this privilege using the Marketing access groups.

  4. In the Load Campaign dialog box, assign the date and time for the load to start, and then click OK.
  5. Click the Execute view tab to review the load status.
  6. In the Execute link bar, perform the following steps:
    1. To display the history of each wave that has been loaded, click Execution Status.
    2. To display details of the load process, click System Tasks.
  7. Click Refresh to update the load status.
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