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About Applying Localization Rules to Treatments

Each treatment record contains a locale value. The locale is used to locate and display the localized landing page for response forms. When you create an email treatment record, the locale value defaults to the value set in your profile. You can change the value to match your business needs. When you launch the campaign, the locale assigned to the email treatment is used for all recipients.

The default character set for emails is UTF-8 which is the value set in the Charset attribute for the email's Content-Type header. To change the Charset attribute, select an Email Marketing Server profile with the correct Charset attribute or request an Administrator to make the changes necessary to the Email Marketing Server profile that you use.

The character set for the template you upload must be the default character set configured for the operating system you are using (the current code page on Windows or UTF-8 on UNIX). On UNIX platforms, an environment variable (SIEBEL_FILE_ENCODING) can be assigned to a character set to use in place of UTF-8 when reading templates. If the original template file contains a BOM (Byte Order Mark), then the character set of the template file can be detected. This detection is useful when the character set differs from the platform default character set.

CAUTION:  Be careful when using a character set for outgoing email that differs from the platform default character set or UTF-8. If the Email Marketing Server character set is not compatible with the character set of the original template file that is read from disk, then the resulting email text might be unreadable.

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