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Customizing a Landing Site

The following tags are available for customizing the .css file for a landing site:

  • surMainTable
  • surName
  • surSection
  • surSectionLine
  • surSectionIntro
  • surQuestionText
  • surQuestionInstructions
  • surAnswerText
  • surTableHead
  • radioAltColor
  • formBigSubmit

The width of the survey table cell is dependent upon content being present in the left and right sidebars. If there is no content in either sidebar, then the cell is 100% of the width of the table. If there is content in one sidebar, then the survey table cell is 80% of the table width. If both sidebars have content, then the survey table cell is 60% of the table width.

CAUTION:  Template HTML and Web survey HTML are interrelated. If a table, row, or cell starts in a template, then it must end in that template, or else the subsequent HTML will render within that table, row, or cell. HTML code that is copied from another Web page and pasted into a survey page does not display as intended.

NOTE:  You can edit the text that appears next to the Submit button by changing it in the file, located in the Catalina_Home\webapps\websurveys\config directory. This file is language-specific, and changes for other languages must be made in their respective properties files. Because these strings are cached in memory, you must restart the server for the changes to take effect.

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