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Launching Campaigns Manually

Before launching a campaign manually, make sure you have performed the following tasks:

  • Add a position to the marketing Administrators Access Group. The position of the person who launches the campaign must be a member of the Marketing Administrators access group. If the position is not part of this access group, then the launch buttons are unavailable. For instructions, see Siebel Marketing Installation and Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  This requirement also applies to a partner using the Siebel Partner Portal.

  • In the Campaign List Distribution view, set up vendors and export list formats.
  • Load any segments, segment tree cells, and lists that you plan to use into the campaign history.
  • If you plan to send offers that use a distribution profile, then test the campaign to make sure that the profile is set up correctly and that offer is sent with expected results. For more information on testing campaigns, see Testing Campaigns.

You can choose to manually launch one or more waves of a campaign. You can launch a campaign using the applet menu on the campaign form in any of the campaign views or by right-clicking on the campaign in the program flow.

Launching a campaign calls the Marketing Campaign Launch workflow process. After launching a campaign, you can check the results by looking at history records for programs, stages, and campaigns.

The following procedure shows how to manually launch campaigns.

To manually launch campaigns

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns screen.
  2. In the Campaigns list, click the campaign name.
  3. From the campaign form menu, choose Launch Campaign.

    The Launch Campaign Dialog Box contains the valid waves that are available for launching. Waves with a status of Loading, Load Failed, Scheduled, Launched, Purged, or Purge Failed do not appear.

  4. In the Launch Campaign dialog box, select one or more waves to launch, and click OK.
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