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Associating Lists of Prospects or Contacts with Campaigns

This topic discusses associating an imported (or purchased) list and an internal list of prospects or contacts with a campaign.

When you associate a purchased list with a campaign, you import the list, and then associate the list with a campaign. Prospects are only visible in the Campaign Contacts list if you successfully import the purchased list before associating it with a campaign. If contacts or prospects are added to a list after you associate that list with a campaign, then you must suspend the wave that did not include the new customers and load the campaign again.

CAUTION:  If you associate an empty list (a list prepared for import but not yet imported) with a campaign and then import the list, then the prospects are not associated with the campaign and are not visible in the Campaign Prospects list.

After you associate a list with a campaign, the Contact/Prospect List does not immediately display data. You must load the campaign before the members are added to the campaign history. The list is populated after the Marketing Campaign Load workflow process runs, and you might have to refresh the browser view to display the newly associated names. For more information, see Siebel Marketing Installation and Administration Guide.

Use the following procedure to associate available imported or internal lists of contacts and prospects with your campaigns. Before you associate a list with a campaign, make sure that the Siebel Server, the Object Manager component, and Workflow Process Manager component are running.

This task is a step in Roadmap for Setting Up Campaigns.

NOTE:  You can only associate active campaign lists with a campaign.

To associate a list of prospects or contacts with a campaign

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns screen.
  2. In the Campaign list, click the campaign name.
  3. Select the Design view tab.
  4. In the Design link bar, click Segments\Lists.
  5. Click the Add List button.
  6. In the Add Lists dialog box, select a list, and click OK.

    NOTE:  When you associate a campaign list with a campaign, contacts in that list are associated with the campaign. If you change the campaign list to be inactive or if you delete it, then the contacts still appear in the Contacts/Prospects list for that campaign.

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